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Tickle · the · Pear

the last long weekend of summer

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The weekend didn't start on the best note. This is what I wrote on Facebook: "Tales from the ParentHood: last Friday I thought we would start off the long weekend by walking down to the Carousel at the Smithsonian. (Z's daycare is next to the Holocaust Museum so it was a short, pleasant walk.) Contrary to other carousels, the accompanying adult also has to pay. I ponied (ha) up for two rides, since Z loves carousels so much. A dizzy 40 minutes and $14 later (2 people x $3.50 x 2 rides) I pried Z off his horse. Z disagreed with that maneuver and proceed to blow an epic tantrum to the amusement of a multitude of tourists. I never would've known that my child would've had the vocal capacity to scream "NOOO MOMMY" multiple times *and* the strength to try to push the SUV stroller back to the carousel area. It felt like half an hour and 56 tourists with pitying looks later that he was calm enough for me to strap him into the stroller. GAH."


We both survived, and the rest of the weekend went well enough. On Saturday, we attended the National Book Festival, one of the many events that make me glad that we live in Washington DC. That said, it's also like the Smithsonian Folklife Festival in the sense that it's a huge, logistically annoying spectacle that I would regret missing. We only spent time in the children's/young people's section. We saw lots of familiar people from far away. We got a lot of freebies, the best of which was the multi-head charging cord from the local NPR station. That evening we attended a farewell to summer party where Z shyly watched the big kids play horseshoes and croquet.

The nice Wells Fargo people read a book about soccer in English and Spanish with the DC United mascot.

On Sunday, we ventured further afield to "hip and historic" Frederick MD, to see Color on the Creek. About a third of the blooms had already faded but it was still a lovely sight - and ice cream afterwards always makes things better.

"Angel in the Architecture," one of the many murals in downtown Frederick.

A few last flowers.

On Monday, we attended a mobile-making workshop at the Atlas. It was a lot of work! We sketched out designs on paper first, transferred them to foam board, then the instructor cut them out. We then sanded down the edges of each shape. That took a lot of time and effort. Z reached his limit so we didn't see our shapes eventually treated with flame retardant, attached to a copper wire, and then painted. Our shapes will eventually join the others in a community mobile.

An initial draft design.

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