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I've never heard of learning towers before but when I read up on them it seemed like a Good Thing. Especially since Z liked to climb on the step stool and hang out with MoBob or myself in the kitchen. I set up an alert on craigslist and scored a used LT that I actually bargained down from $75 to $50 and was also conveniently in the neighborhood. Alas, it didn't work. Z *hated* it - I guess he felt trapped - and it was big and bulky for our cozy kitchen. In retrospect I should've gotten one for him when he first started standing. So I put it on craigslist again for $50 and got about twenty responses! We were lucky again that the first person who responded worked nearby so she was able to pick it up the next evening, and her baby was much younger than Z so probably wouldn't have the same freakout. She kindly emailed me the next day that her baby loved it. Happy ending and we at least re-couped our initial investment.

One of the new summer events in our neighborhood is Market SW which is supposed to emulate the night markets in places like Bangkok but on much smaller (and presumably cleaner) scale. MB went with one time (I don't remember where I was) and we went all together last Friday with Z on his trike (that he can sort of pedal now). It was a pretty mellow affair but we did run into neighbors we liked.

Z is not convinced by the yoga session.

We had a pretty busy weekend. Z started swim classes at the Y in Arlington which is an outdoor pool that only goes to 5 feet. It must be heated somewhat because our class is at 9:30am but the water is at a comfortable temperature. Z loves his bath and enjoyed his class last year but not so much this time around. We've started to come early so that he can get his grumps out beforehand.

On Saturday our friends had a pool potluck and we left Z behind to attend a parenting class and then endure the 7th circle of hell known as Costco on a Saturday. The free parenting class was pretty informative; it was a preview/overview of the parenting series that the organization puts on, but most of the other parents were of school-aged kids. I'd be interested in attending, maybe once Z is in pre-K3. We didn't realize that Costco closed at 6pm so when we went to get paper goods the staff had already started blocking off that section but they were kind enough to fetch the paper towels and toilet paper for us. Why isn't Costco open from 6am to midnight?! I want to support Costco because they treat their workers well but it's hard with the crowds and limited hours. On Sunday I went to dear C's bridal shower, where we were asked to contribute advice (ha ha). My main piece of advice was "admit when you're both right."

Monday was Ward 6's free admission to "the beach" at the National Building Museum. We'd gone on opening day and the exhibit's popularity was shown by the wear and tear since then. On a local blog: "Many Ward 6 residents took advantage of this opportunity to see the summer’s hottest attraction – and with the added benefit of having Charles Allen and his staff join them." I took advantage of my visit by seeing the on-going exhibits, including Designing for Disaster. Growing up in earthquake country and then joining the Church and living overseas, emergency preparedness is something I'm constantly aware of. I was proud to see that the Memorial Stadium at UC Berkeley was one of the examples of retro-fitting historic structures. Go Bears!

MB has been in Minneapolis for work since Monday evening and returns tonight. He says he's going to try to see the State Fair or the Mall of America today.
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