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Tickle · the · Pear

end of summer

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As much as I hate the humidity and heat inspired sweatfest that is summer in Washington DC, I have to admit that it is as magical a season as any other.

We completed the summer bucket list! OK, we cheated a little with the Nats game. We got tickets for a game that got rained out so we now have tickets for the re-match at the end of September.

August was the month of DINOSAURS. (or, at least, dinosaur crafts) We also watched the PBS series Dinosaur Train in French, and read the How Do Dinosaurs...? and Dinosaur vs series. Z asked for repeated readings of the "How Do" books, which he hasn't done for other books.

Yes, he got a haircut. Not my style choice!

Big dinosaur.

Little dinosaurs.
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