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Tickle · the · Pear

the V and M of DMV

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In non-Z news, I started working with a group of ladies who hired a personal trainer. A tall, blond, kind Latvian woman who knows how to push and how much. We got new iPhone 6s; why oh why can't Apple upgrade with the same kind of adapter?

Growing up in the vast state of California where one often has to drive hours to get to a neighboring state, the close proximity of Maryland and Virginia was a little disconcerting. We spent Saturday in Virginia and Sunday in Maryland, but the D in DMV will always be home.

We crossed off another item off the summer bucket list by visiting the farmers' market in Alexandria.

Then we previewed the new production of Space Bop.

We spent the rest of the day at Arlington County Fair. The transport arrangement was really impressive - no cars were allowed on site so we parked at a community center and then took a shuttle - the shuttles were also available from the metro and other places, and we waited for the bus seated under a tent. The fair was a reasonable enough size that we were able to cruise around leisurely without feeling overwhelmed, though Z was still a little small for some rides (and was sorely disappointed) and the only farm fauna were pigs and ponies.


On Sunday we went further afield to the other side and visited Annapolis. I hadn't been in years and MoBob never had, so we took advantage of the relatively mild weather. We had long labor-intensive lunch at Cantler's Riverside Inn, where the clam chowder and the corn on the cob were as delicious as the crabs but a lot less work. Since it had gotten hotter and busier we just decided to drive around downtown, and glimpsed the USNA, St. John's College, the city port, and Main Street. We'll definitely return for a real walking tour.

12 crabs, 2 adults, and 1 2-year-old
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