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Tickle · the · Pear

over halfway done

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It's a little weird to think that the summer is already half over - but we've made good progress on our summer fun list!

We went to see the production of Aquarium at the Imagination Stage and were greatly disappointed at the slow pace and lack of narrative, but loved the the wondrous sea creatures at the end. (at 1:09 in the video) Then we spent the afternoon at a Hello Kitty party for a little girl who turned two. We returned home tired but wired.

Unfortunately Baby Z hated wearing his life vest but we did get some Friday Night Fishing in and then enjoyed the concert at Yards Park.

We spent the morning at the pool and then Babba took Baby Z to the Ramadan crafting activity at the Textile Museum.

Babba and Uncle Skouri took Baby Z to Haines Point for a round of mini-golf.

We finished off the weekend with a walk on Roosevelt Island and creating a little fish tank at home, since this month's theme is "water."

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