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Tickle · the · Pear

surprisingly action-packed weekend

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I say "surprisingly" because I'm still quite ignorant of all the delights that Little Rock has to offer. (And I'm not being ironic here.)

Friday was quite a treat since I got to visit Heifer Ranch for a staff retreat. It was a beautiful, if hot, day and the highlight for me was visiting the different Global Villages in the back of a hay cart pulled by a tractor. Yee-hah! Global Villages are representations of different village environments from around the world and we looked at a new site featuring Mozambique, Tibet, and the Missippi Delta (complete with decommissioned school bus used for shelter). I also got to visit nearby Perryville, a thriving metropolis with two (count 'em) two dollar stores. We went to the newer one where I purchased for MoBob a University of Arkansas Razorbacks t-shirt. Note to self: is MoBob forbidden from wearing pigs, especially angry red ones?

Saturday evening I was a good Molly and attended the live broadcast of the General Relief Society Meeting at the stake center. I especially liked Sr. Hughes' talk; she also seemed the most comfortable in front of the mike. I also thought the different colored shirts that the choir wore were cool. I don't think I can participate in the discussion over at FMH, but I'm glad there's a forum to do so - however heated it might get!

Sunday evening I saw a fellow JHU alum who kindly took me out to Bene Vita. Pretty yummy Italian food. I had the Caeser salad, the lasagna, and topped it all off with New York cheesecake drizzled with chocoate. My new friend (whom I found through the JHU alum website) showed me the cute, trendy neighborhoods around the restaurant, including the only stand-alone Starbucks I'd ever seen.

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