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Tickle · the · Pear

father's day and the longest day of the year

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Our Cal alumni association supper club went to Purple Patch for a feast of Filipino food. The owner, whose mom is Filipina and who ships lumpia daily from Texas, took care of us herself. There were three other Filipino food "experts" beside myself - another alum whose dad is Pinoy, another who is married to a Pinoy, and a third who grew up in Union City (second to Daly City in terms of Pinoy population). We agreed that the adobo was a little salty and the sauce was too liquidy, but the fish was excellent. We ordered the coconut ice cream for dessert and instead of the long happy strands we got itty bitty pieces of coconut innards. And no halo-halo! So Bistro 1707 remains #1 in my preferences. (Apparently they were not able to handle our group of 19 people.)

We had a quiet Father's Day. I *know* we did something on Sunday morning but I can't remember what. Neither does MoBob. We did take Baby Z to soccer class in the afternoon.

I *do* remember watching San Andreas by myself, an unexpected luxury. Of course it was a totally over the top disaster movie, but the overhead shots of San Francisco and Los Angeles (pre-earthquake) were gorgeous, free PR for Caltech, and nothing can beat Paul Giamatti gazing soulfully into the camera while beseeching people to evacuate.

Happily rockin' in music class!

Soapbox derby!

Taking another link off the Ramadan gardland while Babba breaks his fast.

This month's theme is "water" so we enjoyed a "fishing" game at home.
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