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Tickle · the · Pear

a weekend in the suburbs

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We had a nice weekend as usual. I finished a couple of books. After Birth was a pretty harrowing read for me. I remember feeling the way the main character did, except that I had a lot of support – Mohamed, my sister-in-law, my two mom groups, church – and yet I still spent my maternity leave in sadness. Broken Harbor was a real page-turner in the classic sense; I’ve never been to Ireland (only England and Scotland) and so everything was familiar and yet not familiar.

We divided our time equally between Maryland and Virginia. On Saturday we took Baby Z to a kids’ concert as part of the Music Box series at the Strathmore. Oddly, it was only the second time we’d been there. The first time was to see Angelique Kidjo in concert when I was pregnant. The concert’s theme was Around the World and featured music from several different countries. We stayed on in Bethesda to stroll around Imagination Bethesda, the annual town festival for kids. On Sunday we joined my parents’ group for a picnic playdate at Virginia Highlands Park; the silent sprayground did not deter little people in rash guards from playing in the general area.

Guitar hero dreams
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