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While MoBob is in Geneva I have taken care of the drop-off and pick-up daycare responsibilities via public transport. It's been fine except that the elevators in L'Enfant Plaza Metro are always out and consequently I have to lug the stroller onto the escalators, but Baby Z is securely strapped in and he doesn't seem to mind the ride.

When I'm feeling lazy and it's hot and I have a lot of stuff, I usually take the bus between the office and the daycare. This allows me to observe the fascinating social phenomenon of slugging, which is prevalent enough to warrant its own page on the DC metro area commuter website. "Slugging" is basically informal carpools so that cars can use the HOV lanes. I'm impressed at the social organization; although there aren't any signs, people know how to line up for what destination in an orderly fashion.

In other news:

Baby Z aced tot gymnastics. (He refused to take the medal off for days.)

He enjoyed the church summer kick-off picnic.

We watched the planes at the airport in air-conditioned comfort.

He got a military recruit haircut.

And started soccer class with Uncle Skouri.
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