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Tickle · the · Pear

notes on a holiday weekend

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Assateague is in Maryland and Chincoteague is in Virginia. The beach is in Assateague and the charming small town is in Chincoteague. Surprisingly the Virginia side is much stricter in terms of access, i.e. you can camp in MD but not in VA.

We were in Pepsi territory.

I saw a confederate flag for the first time. I did not point this out to MoBob. I hadn't even seen one when we lived in Arkansas.

The hotel had a self-serve waffle machine.

It was too cold to swim.

We were one of the few families of color.

I ate way too much seafood but it was all delicious.

We didn't see many ponies on the boat tour.

In tribute to my dad, we lunched at Arby's on the way.

The Bay Bridge was awesome in the original sense of the word.

We ate at:
Captain Zack's (alas no t-shirt for Baby Z)
Island Creamery (where we had ice cream for a dinner and there was already a line at 6pm)
Saigon Village (where the kitchen ran out of phở before we arrived)
Sugarbakers (early morning cinnamon buns)

And bought a beautiful picture book about ponies at Sundial Books.

For next time:
NASA's Wallops Center
the Pony Centre
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