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Tickle · the · Pear

overcast and cloudy

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I am lucky that I had a chance to visit Nepal, and luckier that my friends there are all OK.

I have been fighting a cold, and it wanes and waxes in severity. The Nephew-in-Law returned to France, so we had a farewell dinner at Bistro 1707, which was actually pretty good. Not Mom's cooking, but still pretty good.

I had an appointment downtown on Friday so I ducked into Secondary Story Books off Dupont Circle, which, by the way, does not have a second story.

After gymnastics class on Saturday Baby Z and I were exiled to the zoo because MoBob and his friend needed quiet time to assemble the famous new IKEA bed. Surprisingly we saw quite a few animals - many more than I'd expected - including some time with the pandas. We also saw gorillas, elephants, big cats (tigers, lions, and cheetahs), zebras, gazelles, and lots of birds. No giraffes, disappointingly. Baby Z was most excited to see the donkeys that were part of the model farm. Maybe he remembered them from last summer in Morocco?

Baby Z had a case of the Monday grumps even with his new yellow hoodie.
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