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Tickle · the · Pear

post-Easter, post-birthday random

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Story time with Guy le Coq at the Alliance Française.

Easter crafting.

Birthday boy.

Receiving an Easter butterfly from Rev.  Martha.

Successfully hunting!

After an Easter afternoon walk around Old Town Alexandria, the birthday boy had his mini-cheesecake.


Annual family photo shoot.

I enjoyed two books set in Washington, The Bullet (Georgetown) and Nice to Come Home to (Adams Morgan).

I managed to attend two weeknight events, a launch of technical resources by our implementing partners, and the monthly meeting of a group devoted to restoring churches in my parents' home province.

MoBob's nephew is here from France for a couple of months, to hang out and work on his MBA thesis. Unfortunately he was detained at immigration for a couple of hours, despite his French passport. I hope the rest of his stay will be less stressful.

Off to Rwanda for two weeks on Friday.
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