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one month

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I’m the only one of our three person team in the office now, and it’s been exceptionally crazy with illness and snow days and workloads and SO MANY DEADLINES. It’s St. Paddy’s Day today (I’m wearing red to protest the generations of Irish priests who colonized the Philippines) and we are looking back to the day before Valentine’s Day.

For the first time we went to see a women’s basketball game at Georgetown. It was a lot of fun, and I was glad to see the marching band and the cheerleaders, just as for a men’s game. (except that the men play in Verizon Center, and not on campus). Even though the Lady Hoyas lost, the game was memorable for an attempt to promote kale. There was even a blogger from the Atlantic who interviewed us, among other fans.

The next day we went to a free class at JW Tumbles. Although we were in another subterranean indoor playroom, it was still fun, and Baby Z seemed to enjoy the variety of activities and the pacing. Afterwards we visited Barston's Child's Play; we had already visited the Chevy Chase store, and here we got Baby Z’s first set of Legos (Duplos, really). The friendly young man at the register agreed that Pink Floyd was not the most appropriate music for a toy store but it was his manager’s choice. We thought of going to the National Portrait Gallery’s Chinese New Year celebration (in Chinatown, or “China Block”) but we weren’t able to find parking and by then Baby Z had fallen asleep. We saw a two-person mini-dragon and got Shake Shack burgers to go.



While I was gone, and when I was back, Baby Z enjoyed the snow.

We did however visit the ER, but Baby Z pulled through, and we watched several movies on the Disney Channel.

He knows the medical scene well enough to look professional.

The first weekend after my return, we watched the production of Sunny and Licorice and a performance by Mr. Skip during the Intersections Festival and followed by lunch at Star & Shamrock, the famous Jewish-Irish pub. On International Women’s Day, I joined an ordained woman Catholic priest in dialogue for the Equal in Faith DC event, and then we all had dinner at Marx Café, which was more capitalist than its name implies.

At work I was flattered to be asked to join an interview panel for my same position but in another office. My field is a very tight sorority and of course I knew half the candidates. I remember what it was like to be on the other side of the table so keenly.

Baby Z started up tot gymnastics again after a brief hiatus; he was a little hesitant but seemed to retain a lot of muscle memory and willingly lifted his foot up for a stamp, for which the instructor praised him because apparently almost two year olds don’t spent a lot of time balancing on one foot. We went to see Blue at Imagination Stage, and Baby Z fell in love with the flower festooned jacket. We then met up with P at an empty French restaurant but I satisfied my salty vampire cravings with real anchovies. Baby Z had his first real playdate, with a little boy from church, and I hung out with the mom while MoBob weathered a trip to Costco. Afterwards I met a young woman who’d asked for an info interview at Paul Bakery near Archives metro, and then I went home to two sleepy guys and prepared my lesson for Relief Society. It went well enough, as these things go.
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