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Tickle · the · Pear

522 Saturdays

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I will be spending the last two weeks of the shortest month of the year in Burkina Faso. Faithful readers will recall that this blog actually started during our sejour in Ouaga, and we have many fond memories. I’m looking forward to catching up with new and old friends, though as always I will miss my guys with abandon.

I read somewhere that there are only X number of Saturdays until one’s sweet-tempered child becomes a surly adolescent. So I calculated, via the magic of the internet, that there were only 522 Saturdays between Baby Z’s 2nd and 12th birthdays. Subtract random days for illness, travel, etc. and the prospect becomes even more depressing. Since Baby Z arrived this blog has really become a chronicle of Saturdays, and now they are even more precious than ever.

So the first Saturday of February was quite action-packed. We spent the morning at the Air and Space Museum, to watch One World, One Sky: Big Bird's Adventure, which was projected onto the round surface of the Einstein planetarium. The movie showed Big Bird and Elmo joining their Chinese friend to explore the sky. We hadn’t visited the museum in a long time so we walked around with Baby Z. More accurately, he ran around and we followed him.

Who knew that there was a fake dog in a museum of flying objects?
fake dog air and space

Afterwards we had lunch at Takorean which was pretty good. I love bulgogi in any form. Then we went shopping at Harris Teeter. Though it’s not as close as the neighborhood Safeway, it’s an infinitely more pleasant experience. I’ve never had to tweet complaints about HT. Plus there is a special “family” parking spot and Baby Z loves the shopping carts that he can “drive.”

We got home in time for a play date with Valentine crafts. Really it was more of a get-together for adults to chat and kids to run around. Then I joined ladies from church to say goodbye to a lovely friend at Red Rocks. MoBob and I were stunned at how much H St. had changed.

We didn’t do any of these heart animals.
valentine craft

After church on Sunday, the weather was so balmy that I took Baby Z to the local playground and then we visited the library for doggy story time. When we got home we joined MB for a Skype video call with my parents, who were so thrilled with Baby Z throwing long-distance kisses at them.

Practicing blowing bubbles.
2015-02-08 13.53.19

More drawing!
2015-02-08 14.23.41

Everyone was attentive.
2015-02-08 14.46.40
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