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Tickle · the · Pear

back to normal

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I realized that every time MoBob leaves the country we have terrible weather. This time it was cold, windy, and occasionally snowy and rainy. We survived nicely enough, and now MB is back, with his ihram (white robes worn in Mecca), and a passel of photos, including one posed in front of the Victoria's Secret that he was not allowed to enter.

We visited the beautifully decorated Smithsonian Early Enrichment Center for a family event on diversity. We had a story, an activity, and a snack before trooping over to the National Museum of African Art. There we talked about colorful fabric and read a story about kente cloth in Ghana. The we walked over to the National Gallery of Art ice rink before the howling cold wind finally drove us home.

Serious work.
smithsonian 1 jan 2015

More serious work.
smithsonian 2 jan 2015

The Zamboni is fascinating at any age.
nga zamboni jan 2015

The Super Bowl XLIX tantrum. (because he wanted to use a toy truck to play the xylophone.)
superbowl tantrum 2015
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