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MoBob finally got the visa and the wedding was not cancelled so he is enjoying himself now in Saudi Arabia. So are we, despite the cold, wind, and snow. I’ve mentioned before how Baby Z is so attuned (so to speak) to music - for a long while he hummed the pattern of water dripping from the shower head. Last night he led me to the kitchen and then started dancing and bobbing his head to the rhythm of the dishwasher.

Kidville’s Rocking Railroad class was the best class we’ve been to so far. Two words: LIVE BAND. It was a great combination of music and gross and fine motor skills. It was the kind of class where the kids were learning concepts without realizing it - for example, the last exercise was to introduce the concept of ¼ beat in terms of music and also in counting. Baby Z seemed to have really enjoyed it. The Kidville suite was just adorable, and included a salon where little patrons can sit in a miniature airplane while getting a haircut.

After the class we went to Tugooh Toys next door, one of those magical independent toy stores. After our initial purchase of a set of wooden blocks, Baby Z fell in love with two toy school buses near the entrance, so of course we had to go back.

We ended our visit to Bethesda with lunch at ShopHouse Kitchen, which was fine in concept but a little too spicy in execution.

We spent the rest of the weekend shopping and packing for MoBob’s trip. I convinced him to go with two carry-ons, something I’ve never been able to accomplish myself.

Our little guy looking kind of adolescent.
hand in pocket

Live band! And puppets!
kidville rockin railroad

Enjoying something that would never fit at home.
railroad table
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On January 29th, 2015 02:05 pm (UTC), themenow commented:
I love those wooden train sets. I've always wanted one. Even now. LOL My mom told me years ago that if Mike and I ever had kids she would buy one of those for us.

I know exactly what you mean by independent magical toy stores. They are truly magical. I haven't seen any here in Florida but I remember very fondly the ones that we visited in Germany when I was a kid. LOL It seems that all the German toy stores were independently owned and extremely magical.
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On January 29th, 2015 02:13 pm (UTC), ticklethepear replied:
Indie toy stores and bookstores are the best!
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