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Tickle · the · Pear

cold nights, warm hearts

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Faithful readers will recall that both of us love and feel a part of Francophone culture, and hope Baby Z does as well. It was thus a huge shock to learn of the Charlie Hebdo attacks; regardless of what happens in France, the face of Islam in France for me is that of my niece-in-law who is completing medical school, but stories like hers are rarely told.

We attended an open house at the French international school’s pre-school and kindergarten, where several teachers wore “Je Suis Charlie” buttons and the principal talked about how the school’s values were a way to respond to incidents like the one last week. Still, the school is a real stretch both logistically and financially, and I don’t think it’s possible for the time being.

french school

After the open house we attended the instrument petting zoo and the family concert with NSO in your Neighborhood. I’d been in previous years to concerts where children were in attendance, but this was the first time we’ve gone to an expressly family event. The petting zoo was crowded because of the space and set-up so we went straight to the percussion instruments and played with those for a few minutes. The concert itself was absolutely brilliant; the conductor was “helped” by the first violinist, and both of them explained each example of the concert’s theme of “extremes.” One of the most striking moments was when the audience imitated the sound of a rainstorm, first by rubbing hands, then snapping fingers, then slapping thighs, and finally stomping feet. Baby Z was absorbed the whole time.

nso family concert 3

That night a kind friend of ours hung out with Baby Z while MoBob and I went to the Great American Square Dance Revival. It was so much fun – over 600 people apparently crowded the inside of a church in Adams Morgan. We will definitely go again!

square dance

Baby Z has picked up some new skills:

Hanging his coat and hat on the Miffy coat rack
miffy coat hooks

Turning pages
turning pages

Watching his favorite French cartoon, “L’Ane Trotro” (Trotro the Donkey)
l'ane tro tro

Trotro the Donkey intro
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On January 16th, 2015 04:49 am (UTC), zyzyly commented:
He is getting so big!

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