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Tickle · the · Pear

starting 2015

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We played with colored foam shapes on contact paper.

We tried to drive.
photo (1)

We were confused by the difference between "2T" and "24 months" in clothing sizes.

We entered The Era of "NO."

On New Year's Day, we enjoyed watching the Winter Classic, just one metro stop over from home. Although we were not warned in advance about the F-16 jets flying over. Baba took Baby Z to play at Little Loft for the first time.


We watched a wonderful play called Inside Out.

We were especially enamored of one little girl's fashion style.
photo 1

And the Chandelier of Socks.
photo 2

We watched the Magi visit the Gala Hispanic Theater for Three Kings Day. The sheep on stage looked very bored and the llama refused his stage entrance.
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