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Christmas was pretty mellow. We had a minor crisis in that the turkey in a box that I ordered at Safeway was nowhere to be found. When I called to reserve, the rep said that only two Safeway stores had any left, and not the Safeway two blocks away from us. So I ordered for the Safeway closest to us and slogged out there with Baby Z after work/daycare. Alas, the staff at the deli counter had no idea what we were talking about. After half an hour and two tweets to Safeway corporate containing the words "crying baby" and "our turkey is lost" the store manager finally located the box - hidden way in the back he said. To Safeway's credit they tweeted back and asked to email them the details and I got a voicemail the next day. I made it clear in my tweets that the staff were doing their best so I hope that got through.

On Christmas eve day, Baby Z and I hung out at home while the turkey was in the oven. I made a car playmat out of a large piece of cardboard. I've added houses, a pond, a forest, and mountains since then.


Later that evening we went to a service at St. Augustine's, one of our neighborhood churches. Baby Z was a little squirrelly so MoBob took him home early. It was a lovely and simple service, and it was the first time I attended sacrament administered by a woman priest. I walked home afterwards in the fog with several other congregants who live in the same coop.

On Christmas day, we woke up early and opened presents, and then went on to visit with two families from church. Baby Z seemed to enjoy his presents - wooden toys and a kid version of musical instruments.

On Boxing Day, we joined another Moroccan family (whose daughter is a couple of months younger than Baby Z) at the National Building Museum. We had timed tickets for the Building Zone so we visited PLAY WORK BUILD first. Then on to an Asian seafood buffet where we all ate too much - another holiday tradition.

On Saturday, we crossed the river to watch a performance by KanKouran West African Dance Company as part of the Kwanzaa celebration at the Anacostia Community Museum. The audience was a nicely diverse crowd and the kids especially got into the music and dance.

The dancers and musicians energized the entire crowd.

And Baby Z got to dance with Madame.

But he was more interested in watching the musicians.

On Sunday, we took advantage of the last morning to sleep in before church and then we tried creating a snow window, with transparent contact paper, Q-tips, cotton balls, and gauze squares.

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