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It was 37 degrees today, then it will be 73 on Monday. At least today I was working from home, without my cubicle neighbor the climate change expert to provide dour commentary on the daily forecast.

I didn't see much of Arusha during my week there, because of our intense schedule and my cold. I snuck out to Cultural Heritage but I did not see Mt. Kilimanjaro.

lovely Mt. Meru
mt. meru tanzania nov. 2014 (1)

What, you may be wondering, did I enjoy watching on KLM? Stricken, which made me cry; All is Love which truly was a Dutch "Love, Actually" except that I was a little perturbed by the character of Black Peter; and a French film, Serial Bad Weddings which was a hilarious view of immigrant France vs. traditional France.

Baby Z was one of two little boys when we visited a ballet class. Afterwards we had lunch at Le Pain Q and visited the Fairy Godmother toy shop, and then ended with Elsa ice-skating at Canal Park.

He got into it later.
ballet class Nov 2014

Not so impressed with Frozen royalty.
2014-11-15 13.10.13
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