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Tickle · the · Pear

two weekends

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This Friday I am leaving for Arusha, Tanzania, to attend a meeting for the African Women in Agricultural Research and Development program. My ticket says I am going to Kilimanjaro. I have only glimpsed it from a plane, and I am excited to see it up close.

Baby Z ended his tot gymnastics class on the last Saturday of October. He really enjoyed it and we would've continued were it not for an 8:15am start time. We also liked the mommy-daddy yoga class which conveniently took place in the community room but haven't heard yet about additional classes. We may start ballet soon; the trial class is set for the 15th. After yoga we attended the first of several performances in the Kids' EuroFestival program. We watched a delightful playlet from Spain called Minimon, which means "little world" in Catalan.

Then on Sunday we visited Butler's Orchard in Maryland. We had visited last year as well, but this time Baby Z took advantage of his running, climbing, and playing skills to take advantage of every activity. We had planned to attend a French Halloween party that afternoon but MoBob felt ill with a sore throat so we went to an urgent care facility. He (like Baby Z so many times) was diagnosed with a double ear infection but is fine now. The clinic's door had a big sign that said "Please advise the staff if you have been in Africa in the last 21 days." I was not the patient so I did not inform them.

butlers orchard pumpkin

butlers orchard tractor

Last week was full of costume changes for Baby Z. He wore one of his many traditional outfits from Morocco for multicultural day at the daycare, and then switched to a shirt and tie for the class photo. Then on Halloween we squeezed him into a pumpkin costume inherited from another family at church. Surprisingly he wore it with aplomb and he was definitely well-cushioned. He wore it again that night to a party at the neighbors'.

Zacky Halloween 2014

rogue pumpkin

On Saturday we went to the open house at the local school. It was actually our first time ever visiting, and the PTA president took us on a tour. The school infrastructure was newly renovated - large, bright, well-stocked classrooms and a huge playground with new equipment. It was impressive. But no French.

amidon bowen open house

We then went to the Alliance Française for a Halloween activity. Baby Z decorated a mini-Frankenstein head and then we had story and song time. Strangely, a hysterical woman refused to budge from the AF's front entrance until an ambulance removed her. Drama! Baby Z was so conked out in the end that his late nap turned into an early bedtime so we missed out on our mommy group playdate as well as a After-Halloween party.

alliance francaise  halloween 1

alliance francaise halloween 2

With a borrowed pair of pinking shears and fabric scraps from several friends, I finally finished the diaper wipe case activity.

diaper wipe case 1

diaper wipe case 2
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