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Tickle · the · Pear

finally fall

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My flight to Mali was changed from Sunday evening to Saturday, because Air France ended its strike. My first thought was, one less day.

Baby Z was made to wear a tie at a nice restaurant to celebrate our friend's marriage.
tie at station 4 resto - sept 2014

The next day we went to the Barracks Row Festival.
barracks row festival sept 2014 - 1

Someone wasn't impressed with the llama.
barracks row festival sept 2014 - 4

But was fascinated by the baby chicks.
barracks row festival sept 2014 - 3

We tried out some wooden educational toys.
barracks row festival sept 2014 - 2

We tried to be reverent at church.
church with linnea sept 2014

Babba went to Indianapolis for work.

Mommy had a lot of oysters for her birthday.

We are lucky to have friends who are inspired to write books like this one.
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