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Tickle · the · Pear

rainy Wednseday

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Our internet conked out and wasn’t repaired til last Saturday, hence the longish lack of updates. I had a wonderful time as always at the Exponent retreat. I felt spiritually nourished and exhausted at the same time. Due to some logistical glitches (i.e. UPS didn’t deliver my passport correctly) I had to cancel my visit to Senegal and wound up spending the night in Boston. But I got to see my dear friend and I had oysters at Row 34 and enjoyed my fancy hotel stay. MoBob and Baby Z picked me up and we had dinner at Agua 301 which was disappointing. Baby Z’s cheese and chicken quesedillas were bigger and less expensive then MB’s beef tacos, and probably tastier.

We are enjoying the lovely weather and visited the pool for the last time, and also spent an evening at Yards Park where we sampled Ice Cream Jubilee. I had cookies and cream and MB had caramel popcorn. Baby Z had both.

On Monday evening I joined a gaggle of ICAPers to volunteer at DC Central Kitchen. It was hard work cutting up corn cobs and sorting tomatoes. But it was deeply satisfying, as was the company and conversation. We shared the kitchen with students from Marymount university and three young ladies from a local high school.

On Tuesday I attended a session called Womenomics, about women’s economic empowerment in Japan and elsewhere. I only stayed for one session but I was glad to learn of Japan’s efforts in developing countries. I was also happy to meet other colleagues wtih Japan connections beyond my high school exchange experience and four years of language study. 頑張ってください (good luck)

I am going to Mali in October and Tanzania in November.
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