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Tickle · the · Pear

Baby Z's room

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Faithful readers may recall that creating a nursery was not a big priority for us, given that the Sister-in-Law was here during my maternity leave and we didn't move Baby Z into his own room until he was six months old. So now Baby Z's room is "done" - at least for now. I didn't want to buy a lot of "baby" stuff, and wanted to incorporate a lot of items we already had, especially since this room used to be our guest room/office. I also wanted a room that would grow with him and his needs, and to show his triple American-Filipino-Moroccan heritage with a real international flavor. We move a mini-freezer from his room to a closet in the dining area, and placed the six-cubby bookshelf on the side. Now that Baby Z is more mobile and more independent, we moved all of his stuff onto lower shelves for easier accessibility.

Baby Z and I share a closet. The curtain is made from painting drop cloths, and the name banner is from an Etsy vendor. The shelves hold oversize books, reference materials, items like Baby Z's meds and CDs and a CD player; the baskets up top hold more meds, and on the bottom blankets and bath supplies.
photo (8)

We have lots of books in both French and English, which are now easier for Baby Z to access. The wall shelves are the famous spice holder racks from Ikea. Most of Baby Z's toys are in his room, but we keep a large basket in the living room as well. The big raffia bee is from the Philippines, and the orange tree hanging is from Senegal. I tied a ribbon to the square laundry bin to distinguish Baby Z's clothes from ours.
photo (7)

The crib and bedding are from Ikea. One quilt is from a dear friend, and the other is made from fabric that shows different world capitals. The framed print is actually a series of Christmas cards from a previous employer that shows different continents - an item I've had since 2000. It's not clear from the photo but we have two underbed storage bins from Ikea under the crib. The mobile was a baby shower gift and the lamp was a long-ago purchase from Target that we purchased when this room was a guest room.
photo (6)

The Ikea futon was purchased from a neighbor and is a great place for hanging out and reading. One mobile is from Ikea and the other is the Flensted sheep mobile. The table is a traditional seat from Burkina Faso, and actually has two heads on one end. (It used to live in our living room in our previous apartment.) The basket is from a store in Lyon, France. The New York skyline lamp is from Target. The carpet was bought during my time in Morocco from women's coop.
photo (5)

The shelves are from Ikea. They hold Morocco and Philippines prints from Etsy, a Taureg mirror from Mali, and a candy tin from France, among other fun artifacts.
photo (4)

The poster is from an exhibit on Disney architecture from my summer studying in Montreal; the Berber encampment is from my husband's home province. I've had both for over ten years. Some new acquisitions include the colorful straw bowl (gift from South Africa) and the felt booties (gift from Nepal).
photo (3)

We bought the Ikea dresser from craigslist. The Philippines poster is from ebay and the matching photo frames from Bangladesh. The candy tin is from Belgium and the frame from South Africa. I purchase the 3 Sprouts fabric bin with a gift card from our baby shower.
photo (2)

Baby Z has a lot of shoes! We also installed the magazine rack for more storage and hang bags with S hooks. The crab tote is actually a Stephen Joseph bag that was embroidered by an Etsy vendor. The other tote bags I purchase in Durham NC in 2010 and now old swim diapers and swim suits.
photo (1)

And here is Baby Z working on his fine motor skills. (I also have two bins of craft supplies in the closet.)
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On September 7th, 2014 03:16 pm (UTC), susandennis commented:
What a great room!! Such creative ideas.
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On September 8th, 2014 12:18 am (UTC), mortuus commented:
Love the decor! So international!
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