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It's a good thing that I took another look at MoBob's and Baby Z's itinerary, because I thought they were returning on Wednesday, but they are actually arriving on Tuesday. Luckily, during my last weekend of freedom, I just pushed through and will finish the last task tonight, i.e. sorting through the last 20 or so scanned photos of Morocco. I was sad to say goodbye to our summer intern on Friday but she has a great job waiting for her and I know we'll stay in touch professionally. Plus she said she would baby-sit. She was a fresh addition to our team for sure.

On Saturday morning I walked over to the waterfront area to see what was going on with the Capital Dragon Boat Regatta. It was a little hard to see, but I was happy to support the Lapu-Lapu Warriors, named after the Filipino hero who killed Magellan. (hmm) Most of the races were broadcast on the big screen but we were able to see the finish line at least.

dragon boat race 2014-08-23 1

Afterwards it was a drizzly walk through the Mud Dance venue on the way to the library, but I didn't see much mud or dancing, though I was glad that the trail crossing the green space was finally bricked over. I came back in time to welcome the missionaries who helped me move some furniture around. They were happy with frozen pizza and showing me a video clip on their iPads. I re-arranged Baby Z's room so that it resembled a lot more his classroom; I put one of the bookcases on its side and moved all of his books and toys onto lower shelves for easier access. Saturday ended with a lovely dinner with friends. I'm so lucky to know people who still click no matter how much time has passed.

I gave a talk on the Sabbath at church that was well-received (hard to tell when everyone is so nice) and then I had a long heart-to-heart with our bishop, who listened with sympathy and kindness.

returning as a handsome little man
marrakech tshirt 2 2014-08-24
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