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feeling virtuous

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Since MoBob and Baby Z are gone, I've decided that I would go swimming as often as possible, even if I didn't feel like it. I don't get any sort of energy surge from exercise, but I find that swimming for about half an hour or so still enables me to stay up for a little while even if I'm tired from the exertion. Last night it was sprinkling so the pool was closed, but tonight it was just overcast, and I joined one other swimmer. A third person came after I arrived, so there were just the three of us, going back and forth.

I talked to MB this morning; Baby Z had some tummy problems last night (vomiting and diarrhea) but no fever, and the doctor MB called said that Baby Z would be fine. Sure enough, Baby Z was babbling and gurgling on the phone, as always. Thankfully MB had Pedialyte in individual sachets as well as Polyvisol (liquid multivitamins) so that Baby Z doesn't lose any nutrients. Hopefully this was just something working its way though Baby Z's system. I'm actually surprised that Baby Z had tummy problems in Morocco and not in the Philippines, but he did have a wicked diaper rash.

I've been powering through my to-do list and my plan is that I'll be *all done* by Saturday, so that I have some free time before MB and Baby Z return next Wednesday. My biggest project is labeling and organizing all the scanned photos I'd uploaded to Dropbox. I thought this was going to be my maternity leave project but obviously it didn't happened. I'd already organized the hard copies by year in one of those photo boxes so at least I have that for reference.
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