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the Saturdays

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When I was a kid one of my favorite fictional families was the Melendy's. I once read that the author was an only child and was fascinated by big families so she decided to create one of her own. The first Melendy book is called "The Saturdays." The kids pool their weekly allowances so that one of them can have an adventure each Saturday.

Now that MoBob and Baby Z have safely arrived in Morocco, I feel as if I'm experiencing my own series of Saturdays while they are gone. I miss them a lot, but I also am giddy with excitement and possibility. I have a whole list of projects to undertake while they are gone. I'm trying to alternate onerous tasks with fun activities, or combine the two somehow, like organizing my sweaters while listening to podcasts.

On Friday night I stayed up and read and ate ice cream. Yesterday I slept in, and then organized our basement unit. Afterwards I walked over to Cantina Marina (still a disappointment on my second visit) for lunch, then on to the National Portrait Gallery for the American Cool exhibit, which was basically "photos of famous people." Granted, some of them were a little surprising (Steve Jobs on a motorcycle) and some of the omissions were as well (Cary Grant, Katherine Hepburn). Afterwards I went to Target, where I bought some small frames on sale for photos of Baby Z and his teachers. Baby Z is moving on to the toddlers class, so I took photos to give as thank you and good-bye presents. It was a gorgeous day and I'm glad I took the time to walk around outside.

It is a little weird to think that Baby Z is, well, no longer a baby. Moving up to the next class confirms it. Over the past month or so he has been spending more and more time in the toddlers class to get used to the teachers and new classmates, and when he returns from Morocco he'll be with the other (*gasp*) toddlers full-time. The daycare moved back to the original building, now gorgeously renovated, so Baby Z has some changes ahead of him.

Today's agenda: tidy our home, and then tag/organize the family photos I had scanned two years ago (and were supposed to be my maternity leave project that never happened).
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