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We slept in. I read the paper. Baby Z tooled around. MoBob started getting ready for the big trip to Morocco. We went to church and I taught a lesson that was supposed to be on families but instead I steered the discussion toward communities. Baby Z went to nursery for the first time, even though he's two months short of the age range, and was a success. He didn't seem to notice my departure and apparently he played the whole two hours. Then we went for an early dinner at Cantina Marina in the neighborhood. It was kind of like a tropical sports bar on the water. The food was OK; I don't think we ordered the right dishes.

Oh yeah, MB is taking Baby Z to Morocco. They are driving up to NYC on Thursday night and taking the Royal Air Maroc flight from JFK to Casa on Friday morning. I wrote up one of those "not without my child" traveling with my consent letters. I've heard from various other parents that they are not consistently checked but it wasn't a big deal to draft one.
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