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Tickle · the · Pear

a quiet week/end

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I kind of forgot that I leave for a week in Pretoria on Friday so the next few days will be more hectic than anticipated. Following on a really mellow week; I enjoyed another informative, technical meeting on gender and poverty. On Saturday we took Baby Z to swim class and this time it was MoBob's turn in the water, and then I took Baby Z to the pool myself. We avoided exacerbating the diaper rash by slathering on tons of cream and putting on *two* swim diapers. Today we took a tour in French of an exhibit at the National Museum of African Art on masks and other works of art from Liberia and Sierra Leone. Baby Z was for the most part well-behaved, but he did run around the exhibits a bit and splashed his hands in the fountain.

We ended the day by reading Where the Wild Things Are in Arabic.

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