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that was the week that was

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We were pretty busy with lots of fun stuff last week. My "cousin" R and her family were on their big East Coast trip and so we met them for dinner at The Hamilton last Thursday. The food was ok, hopefully the jazz was better. It was wonderful to catch up with everyone, and of course Baby Z charmed everyone in turn.

My mommy group had originally planned to meet at Clemyjontri Park on Saturday, but the weather didn't cooperate, so instead we went to the "soft playroom" at the Charles Houston Rec Center in Alexandria. It was so much fun, especially the parents could just hang out without constantly monitoring the kidlets. The same afternoon we went to an open house for the French Academy We arrived late, and didn't get to spend much time with R and her daughter​, who wasn't impressed with the activities. Neither was I, quite frankly, but the instructors seemed energetic and friendly enough.

Since we were hungry and in the neighborhood we stopped at American City Diner, where the World Cup was conveniently broadcast. I liked diners, and this one was bigger than Bob and Edith's in Arlington.

On Sunday we saw that the water feature in Yards Park was finally back in business. Baby Z and MoBob splashed around for a good while, then I took Baby Z out for a turn on his new convertible stroller/tricycle. Sunday evening we said happy birthday and goodbye to Janine while picnicking on the National Mall. Boo.

tricycle 22 June 2014

The daycare center is offering a series of parenting classes courtesy of Early Stages DC, a DC government program for families. The content is pretty interesting, but kind of like taking pre-natal classes, I wonder how much I'll actually retain in the end, especially since MB is unable to attend. I also went to the parents advisory group meeting at the pediatricians' office. I think it's great they organize something like this on a quarterly basis - with food! They were very receptive for example to feedback on the new patient portal. MB and I agreed that we'd prioritize music as an extracurricular activity for now over French, so I've been researching toddler music programs for the fall. Baby Z's summer activity is "swimming lessons" on Saturday mornings.

Last night was WIN's Women Opening Doors for Women event. In previous years the themed dinners I attended were on "mid-life crisis" and "work-life balance." This time I decided to attend the international network's dinner, From Aung San Suu Kyi to Malala and Beyond: The Changing State of Women's and Human Rights 1989-2039. I always had the impression that WIN events skewed young and, indeed, I was the only middle-aged, mid-career person there. I'm glad for opportunities to be inspired by young people's energy and idealism, but I'd rather learn from my peers.
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