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the people's republic

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Last Saturday we attended the last session of “petites chansons” at the Takoma Park library until the fall. I feel like Baby Z enjoys singing time in French more than story time at the Alliance Française, although we go to that too. We took advantage of our visit to “the people’s republic of Takoma Park” by visiting A Fair Day’s Play, a local toy store. MoBob celebrated Father’s Day by purchasing a large green made-in-the-US-out-of-recycled-materials garbage truck for Baby Z. We went next door to Roscoe’s Pizzeria which was OK. I had the eggplant frittata which I suspect was what made Baby Z bloom like an overripe tomato in reaction. He didn’t seem bothered but just in case we stayed home instead of visiting our friends to watch the England vs. Italy match. Baby Z has relinquished the last vestiges of babyhood, formula and bottles, so we are donating everything to the Muslim women's shelter in Baltimore.

On Sunday evening MB and I went to the After the Storm benefit concert at the Kennedy Center. We arrived early and watched the parade of Fil-Ams and Filipinos in various types of barongs or ternos. I’d never seen Lea Salonga perform before so that was the biggest treat for me. Joshua Bell was replaced by a cute French guy. Charisse couldn’t match her own lip-syncing. Most surprisingly, VPOTUS’ son was a nervous speaker. He’s currently the head of the US Committee for the World Food Programme and grew up in the public sphere, and yet he stumbled over his speech and didn’t know where to place his hands. His wife, who also spoke, was much more polished and relaxed.

On Monday I attended GenderPalooza and Iive-tweeted the entire event. (#Gender360Summit) I was jealous and impressed that the speaker from CARE enjoyed an “infant at work” policy and brought her six-month-old with her, with CARE paying for the babysitter during the trip.

It's been a difficult week for some members of the Mormon church, including myself. Almost 20 of us got together one evening to talk about recent events, and I was just overcome by love and gratitude. I wish I could send those feelings to my friends who feel isolated in their own faith communities. Instead of falling to the temptation of thinking, "Why should I struggle to stay in a church that doesn't seem to want me?" I ponder the words of one of the church leaders: If these are your desires, then regardless of your circumstances, your personal history, or the strength of your testimony, there is room for you in this Church.
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