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Tickle · the · Pear

the American cousin (Baby Z version)

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As in 2012, I have difficulty articulating my feelings about visiting the Philippines. I’m glad we went, even though my parents were so nervous about Baby Z’s health (at one point they said they would reimburse us if we cancelled the trip), and I wasn’t looking forward to the logistics of traveling 20+ hours with a one year old. Overall, everything went well; except for diaper rash and finding equivalent infant formula, Baby Z seemed to have a fine time, spoiled by the grandparents and a huge entourage of extended family. Every time he pooped, he had at least four people take him to the shower to clean him up. His feet never touched the ground and he never slept alone. Even on the plane trips there and back he was surrounded by a constant gaggle of flight attendants. So our return to the US has meant a real boot camp.

We took advantage of Bohol’s burgeoning tourism industry; spent a day with cousins in Cebu and another day with other cousins in Manila; visited everyone during fiesta season; and ate and slept. MoBob did fine on the food aspect, though people seemed to have confused “no pork” with “vegetarian.” My only regret is that we didn’t spend more time at the beach resort.

We took a series of family photos in traditional clothing.


Mom insisted that Baby Z wear a traditional charm during our visit. (A red string with a pendant and a diamond.)
tubigon anting-anting may 2014

The island's nascent tourism industry included an organic farm complex based on honey products.
tubigon bohol bee club may 2014

Local fauna with cousin Serene.
tubigon monkeys may 2014

Swimming before the storm.
tubigon panglao may 2014
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