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in-between days

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I got back from Senegal - did I mention that I was going? - last week, and we are leaving for the Philippines next Friday. MoBob is out helping a family move this morning and I'm planning to take Baby Z out to Barnes and Noble to return a book and buy a gift for my erudite cousin's family. What better indicator of MB's membership in the ward (congregation) than participating in the EQ moving company? We are sad the H's are leaving, as they have been excellent home teachers and friends, but wouldn't begrudge them this new adventure.

Elders Quorum Moving Company: Will Work for Doughnuts

I was the little resort town of Saly, Senegal, for a meeting on sorghum and millet production in West Africa. Normally my colleague works with the universities and research institutes, but since this meeting was held in French, I went instead. I had a great time; I rarely work with this particular group of constituents, plus I enjoy time in West Africa regardless of the purpose.

If I were single, or if we were childless, or if Baby Z were a little older, we would've attended the first annual DC Funk Parade. This is not going to happen, just because of logistics and packing and schedules. But I'm OK with just hanging out with my two guys. We've been pretty good about our goals of getting all the household tasks done before the weekend and eating dinner at home most nights.

Baby Z is making progress using the sippy cup and eats big people food enthusiastically most days. Next week is Teacher Appreciation Week and it's been fun getting together all the gifts for our daycare center friends, whom Baby Z seems to love so much.
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