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an update in bullets

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*Salo DC dinner
I went by myself since half the dishes were pork, so MoBob elected to stay home with Baby Z. It was really fun – I’d never attended a pop-up dinner before. Definitely not Mom’s Filipino food but it wasn’t meant to be, not really. I bumped into one of my favorite work friends and her husband, who was a Peace Corps volunteer in the Philippines, so I had good company in addition to the good food.

*Baby Z’s first visit to the dentist
I don’t remember where I read that your child should go to the dentist at the age of one, but since I had to go anyway, I made an appointment for Baby Z at the same time. He wasn’t happy but got through the cleaning and the examination. We went to the pediatric dentist who’s in the same practice as my dentist, and she was fully equipped to handle little ones, even with special equipment in bright colors and animal motifs designed to entertain.

*Baby Z’s one year appointment
It’s hard to believe that Baby Z first saw Dr. S when he was only a few days old. He’s healthy and on track with all the first year milestones; our appointment was extra long because of his upcoming surgery and our travel to the Philippines. We made an appointment at the travel clinic on the same floor. Baby Z didn’t need any additional shots but the nurse suggested we bring Pedialyte and use baby sunscreen and bug repellant.

*the ethereal cherry blossom season
Really, there was only one good weekend, and that’s the weekend everyone went. We attended the “petites chansons” session at the Takoma Park library in the morning, where Madame was definitely more “dynamique” and interactive. Then in the afternoon MB took Baby Z to brave the crowds at the Tidal Basin. The following day we made a mellower visit to the National Arboretum to see the blooms there, though Baby Z did not cooperate for the photos.

*Tribute to Marian Anderson
Sometimes I forget that MB doesn’t always know every facet of American history and culture, so it was fun for both of us to attend the concert commemorating Marian Anderson’s performance in front of the Lincoln Memorial. I didn’t know that that was the first event held in that sacred space. It was a treat to see so many luminaries, and everyone clapped and cheered when a photo of Mrs. Roosevelt appeared. Amazingly the tickets were only $5 apiece; and when else would you see Jessye Norman and Dionne Warwick perform spirituals on the same stage?

*Under the knife
Baby Z had tubes inserted in his ears and his adenoids removed. He’d had double ear infections nearly every month since he’s been born, so after discussion with Dr. S we decided to go with the surgery. It’s a straightforward, out-patient procedure, but still a Big Deal. Thankfully Children’s has a nice set-up for families. In a way I’m glad Baby Z can’t talk yet, because it was hard to listen to the little girl next door in the recovery unit, who kept complaining about the pain. Lucky Baby Z got a liquid Xanax before he went under. Mommy and Babba DID NOT.

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On April 19th, 2014 05:31 am (UTC), 13oct commented:
I'm so glad that baby X is doing ok. It's always heartbreaking when your kid/s have to go to hospital. *hugs*
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