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At almost 7pm on Sunday evening, I think I can say that Baby Z and I have successfully survived the weekend. Yesterday we went to the music class at Gymboree in Woodley Park. We were caught in the early crush of families going to the zoo, and the Gymboree was in the basement of an office building, strangely enough. Baby Z was with one other child, a three year old, so the gap was pretty obvious. I bought a wave drum which seemed to be the main item that he liked that was not available at the daycare center. That afternoon our friend came and visited and then whisked Baby Z away for a couple of hours so I took a long nap and put away laundry.

This morning we went to the baby laptime at the Jewish Community Center. It was also really fun but again Baby Z was on the wrong end of the age range, this time as an almost toddler. He seemed to like it though. We went through a program of songs, stories, and physical activities. It was my first visit to the JCC preschool and, like most physical spaces in DC, parents and babies were squeezed into a cozy carpeted corner. Afterwards we made our leisurely way through the Dupont Circle farmers' market and bought a CD of children's music from a local musician (a self-described Picker, Singer, Writer, Political Economist. Then when we emerged at Waterfront metro, we came upon a gaggle of Girl Scouts with bright green pom-poms, so of course we had to buy GS cookies. Thin Mints, Do-si-do's, and Tagalongs.

I've been able to talk to MoBob by Skype several times and today we were able to use the Skype cam, though Baby Z seemed more interested in his own image than in talking to MB. MB spent his birthday getting on the wrong shuttle, missing his flight, and crossing the border from Lesotho to South Africa by land with a bunch of musicians. At least it was an adventure that resulted in a good story and new friends.
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On March 24th, 2014 01:16 am (UTC), ticklethepear replied:
The funny thing is that I'd suggested several times that he take the bus from Jo'burg to Maseru but he refused and then was surprised by the 45 minute flight!
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