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a sensitive disposition

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Our snow day ended up in the ER (again). Baby Z threw up mid-morning and continued about every hour and a half. I called the pediatrician answer line and was told to give him two spoons of Pedialyte every five minutes. We did that for a couple of hours and he hadn't improved. I called back and the doctor said we should take him to the ER. She was concerned about dehydration (and I was worried about nutrition since he threw up or refused formula or food). By now the ER is a sadly familiar place, although this time we were placed in a different section. Baby Z has some sort of stomach virus, so he got a dose of something that the doctor said she couldn't give us a prescription for because the insurance wouldn't cover the cost. Apparently it was very common to see kids in this condition. We were out of there in two hours, which must be a personal beset.

He seems to have slept OK but was quiet this morning. In a way Baby Z resembles me in having lots of low-grade, minor but persistent medical ailments; nothing really debilitating or serious, but still annoying and requiring monitoring or follow-up. MoBob dropped him off at the baby-sitter's today so he could have a mellow day instead of the daycare's usual action-packed agenda. We have a two-hour delayed opening at work so at least we could ease into the day somewhat.

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