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Of course. But this week still harbored several good moments. I spent a lot of time thinking about Haiti and Burma. I had lunch at Woodward Table yesterday with some of my favorite people from grad school. This morning I enjoyed a very fruitful exchange with a colleague in another department. She is helping resolve a complex and protracted dilemma and I feel hopeful about the outcome. Then I went to an event at the World Bank, where a young lady came up to me afterwards and thanked me for all career help I'd given. Since I was already near the daycare center, I visited Baby Z and saw how professional and considerate the staff is, even at full capacity (12 infants). His favorite teacher showed me the toys he enjoyed and explained how close he was to walking. "Any day now." On my way back to the metro I ducked into the World Bank InfoShop. I hadn't been there in years, and was pleasantly surprised that, in addition to all those books on the dismal science known as economics, the store also stocked international fiction and non-fiction, music, gifts, and children's books. It kind of reminded me of the UNICEF store in NYC. AND there was a pleasant little room with comfortable chairs and coffee table books. I bought for Baby Z a French-English alphabet book and a collection of nursery rhymes from different countries. They were both on sale plus I got a USG employee discount. Woo-hoo.
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