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Tickle · the · Pear

another snow day expected

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The city is shivering in anticipation of a huge storm, and, in parallel, in suspense as to whether or not the USG will shut down. I think it will; hopefully I won't have to cope alone like last time. I made the mistake of going to the local grocery story after work, for s'mores supplies. Despite the crowded conditions, the management decided to close a register. I sent an annoyed tweet to Safeway corporate and received an immediate response. I'm still not convinced though.

Baby Z is once again enduring multiple ailments with good humor. He has a weird eye infection and diarrhea, in addition to his respiratory problems, so every morning and evening we have to pin him down for various meds. The eye drops are the worst. One of us immobilizes, the other administers. Either way we have to pry open Baby Z's tightly shut eyes. Poor us, for different reasons! Facebook hive mind has provided some good advice that I'm hoping to try out.

I really wish our bed was big enough to co-sleep. I'm not really a discipline of attachment parenting, but both MoBob and I come from families with a "family bed," and when we have slept with Baby Z (naps with both of us, or overnight with one of us), he has been sleeping more soundly and with fewer wake-ups. I love it. MoBob does too although he's afraid of rolling over Baby Z or of Baby Z falling out of bed. (I know SIDS is also important but Baby Z has passed the period of greatest risk now that he's over three months old.) So now we take turns sleeping on the sofa bed in Baby Z's room with him (the mattress folds out onto the floor) or one of us (me) sleeps with Baby Z in our bed (usually if MB is coming home late).

I haven't been watching the Winter Olympics as much as I'd like. Usually I conk out before 10pm and the figure skating competitions are broadcast around 10:30pm. I took lessons as a kid and I still have my own skates and used to go regularly before I got pregnant. I haven't been at all this year, even though Canal Park is just down the street.

Random things I'm interested in:
* Weimer Germany as depicted in The Fig Eater
* feminist issues in urban planning
* remembering my visits to Bangladesh through the Bangladesh Unlocked blog

his mischievous smile
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