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cold and windy

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For the first time in a long time - probably a year now - I got a cold. It sucked, and I felt anxious. I missed out on a baby shower. But MoBob kindly suggested that he drop off Baby Z at the babysitter's on Saturday so that I could get some rest. I didn't rest. I caught up on everything that I missed out on while lying in bed. I just can't face a new week without clean clothes, a full fridge, the week's menus, and a tidy house.

Faithful readers may recall that I belong to two mommy groups. I love them both, but one is more active than the other. I tried to organize a get-together for the less active one, and it ended up a lovely lunch for two (with our boys). I hope our next event will have a better turnout. It's funny because both groups are comprised of working moms with intense jobs.

I joined the "team lean challenge" at work to motivate myself. Our team name is "The Sequestors" ha ha. Luckily the building has a gym with free membership. One colleague brought the paperwork for me, and another escorted me to the facility to drop it off. I will probably have a third friend to accompany me on the tour. Nothing like peer pressure to make one feel accountable!

Baby Z continues to thrive. His new "thing" is that he takes the comb and tries to comb his hair himself. Usually that means he takes the comb and hits it against his head. Still. We had another long discussion with the pediatrician. She suggested that we take him to an allergist and an ENT specialist, and perhaps later, a pediatric pulmonary specialist. He is finally sleeping through the night, though he fusses and complains for a short period. I had qualms about "crying it out" but he seems to be doing on his own. He's now eating full meals for breakfast and lunch at the daycare center, and we took him to get his feet measured. My baby is turning into a little boy.

at the Stride Rite store, while mommy had a heart attack in front of the $40 baby sneakers
shoe fitting 4 Feb 2014
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