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MoBob is helping a friend move and Baby Z is asleep so I'm enjoying the quiet and the solitude. Yay for scrambling to get everything done before the Sabbath...we slept in til 9am (luxury) and just had some minor tasks, like making Baby Z's formula for the day. I'd already prepared my lesson for Relief Society so it was just a matter of reviewing the material and rehearsing in my mind. The lesson went well and I talked about Heavenly Mother as part of the lesson.

Baby Z came with me and slept through the first hour and played for the rest of the time. I'd left him with our friend and neighbor for the last hour (while I was in RS) and he did just fine. I'm sure Baby Z loved everyone doting on him. He was a little cranky and tired after we got home but then managed to conk out. His top two teeth are coming out and MB is thrilled because it looks like Baby Z's smile will resemble his, gap teeth and all.

On other news: BAO BAO.

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On January 20th, 2014 05:55 pm (UTC), 13oct commented:
I love those sudden moments of peace and quiet even now. Although, at the stage where my kids are at, the only time that they are suddenly all quiet is when they have somehow guessed the code to unlocking the ipads. :p
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