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listening to the dishwasher grind on

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I'm still at the training center and it's been pretty intense since there's A Test at the end. So not much blog time. MoBob and I agreed that we would hustle during the week so that we have calm, restful, reverent Sundays. More errand/chores time = less screen time. So far we've done well, but it's still January.

Last weekend dear C stayed with Baby Z while MB and I went to separate but parallel movies. I just don't have the stamina to see the new Hobbits movie, and we couldn't agree on anything else; he went to see "The Wolf of Wall Street" and I saw "Anchorman 2." I didn't think it was as funny as the first but I still enjoyed it and I liked the two strong female characters.

This weekend a dear friend from grad school and her family invited us for "Feuerzangenbowle" (winter get-together) at their house deep in the Virginia woods. Their sweet girls were so excited to look after Baby Z. When we saw each other for brunch a couple of weeks ago the younger daughter tenderly held Baby Z's hand while he slept, and last night they were thrilled that he was actually awake and active. Another grad school friend came with her husband and it was just wonderful to catch up. I wish we saw each other more often; most of our cohort is here in DC but we rarely get together. I actually have better luck seeing grad school friends when I go overseas.

I have many, many talented friends, and I've been lucky to see Jjana in several productions. On Saturday I watched her in the role of the Stage Manager in Our Suburb, which was an updated version of "Our Town." I'd seen both the movie version of "Our Town" and the TV film Skokie as a kid, so I was familiar with the basic premise of "Our Suburb." Although we'd been to the DCJCC many time this was the first time I'd seen a theatrical production. It was hard to watch (as was the original "Our Town") but I suppose good theater is supposed to make you feel searing emotions.

Baby Z continues to thrive and grow. We were wondering why he hadn't started teething yet, until one of the daycare teachers pointed out that he had a tooth coming out on top. He also has a couple of bumps on the bottom. Oddly (and I suppose happily) he doesn't seem particularly bothered. He's also getting better at standing with some help and getting up and down.

I went to church today for the first time in months. Of course it was wonderful to be welcomed back and to see everyone. I brought Baby Z with me which was both a distraction and an excuse. He stayed active for most of the three hours but fell asleep in my arms toward the end. This was after he snuck the cell phone out of the jacket of the lady sitting in front of us.

I don't hear new music regularly enough, but I like this Swedish singer whose song "Girls" served as a filler music on Radio France International.

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