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I've been working on my 2014 resolutions. I've made the list but not an action plan or a calendar. But I'm on my way at least. My #1 resolution is "get more sleep" which only makes me giggle in exhaustion.

We took Baby Z to a free Gymboree music class today. Before parenthood I'd only vaguely heard of Gymboree for clothing, and even now Baby Z only has a couple of Gymboree items from eBay. Another family in our mommies group had mentioned that Gymboree offers a free intro class, so we signed up for the music one. It was fun with a lot of "parental involvement" (ha ha). Baby Z seemed to enjoy it but the music class and the other classes on offer seemed similar to what he already does at daycare. So we decided not to enroll, plus the two locations nearest us are both kind of a pain to get to. If there were a drop-in rate or a pass/book of tickets system I'd be more interested.

Today has been pretty busy so far. We went to Costco and then MoBob left me at home to have couscous with friends. (I hate couscous and I was glad of the opportunity to tidy up.) Tonight our dear friend C is baby-sitting again while we go to the movies. I'm going to see "Anchorman 2" and MB "The Wolf of Wall Street." After the movies we're going to the grocery store. I didn't get to the library today but luckily the library is open til 9pm on Monday so I will go then. I used to have MB pick up the books I'd requested for me but the librarians got mad because his card number is different from mine.

On Monday I will be in a pretty intensive two week training and I hope that a couple of pending items will move forward while I am gone. I will miss all my work friends filtering back to the office as well as the holiday party.
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