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Tickle · the · Pear

holiday spirit

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Our tree is finally up. We started on the round of holiday parties last Saturday, first a house with a different Christmas theme in each room (Santas in the dining room, snowmen in the kitchen, Christmas trees in the living room), and then on to an opulent palace (indoor pool! valet parking!) to celebrate the arrival of a baby girl in the Muslim tradition. On Sunday afternoon we had a lovely get-together of mommies (and some daddies) and babies. Hard to believe that last year at this time we were coloring onesies which by now our little ones have outgrown.

a scrum of boys

All the presents are wrapped, the Christmas countdown/Advent calendar (numbered stockings) is up, and the CDs and DVDs are out. We received a copy of “The Night Before Christmas” in board book form so we will add that to our Christmas traditions.

I bought for Baby Z a copy of “Homemade Love” by bell hooks, feminist theorist of color, at the local daycare’s fundraiser. (The one in the building where I work, not where Baby Z goes.)

I had my tithing settlement last night. My kind, long-suffering bishop didn't seem to mind when I confessed that I was enjoying my break from church. He agreed that life with a new baby is a real adjustment and everyone misses me. I had also left my temple recommend lapse since I was never able to schedule the interviews before the previous signature expired. So that's something else to work on.

I look forward to working from home next week. I have one deadline on the 27th that I hope to resolve before the 25th; otherwise it will be a time to catch up, read, and file.
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