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snow day in the hospital

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We spent the last couple of the nights in the hospital. The daycare called on Monday to say that Baby Z was irritable and wouldn't stop crying, and had a slight fever. We brought him home and noticed that he was really struggling to breathe - you can see his chest and stomach pulling in and out. So off we went on the 4th ER visit this year (i.e., since his arrival). We spent several hours in the ER, and then finally we decided that the doctor's suggestion to admit him was the best one. MoBob and I spent the night squeezed into the pull-out bed, and then the next night I stayed at the hospital while MB went home. Luckily we had a snow day and my presentation at the World Bank was postponed. Baby Z slept in what was basically a huge cage; a large crib surrounded by iron bars that pulled up and down. When he was feeling better he derived great satisfaction from banging various toys against the bars. This was the third time that Baby Z was diagnosed with viral bronchiolitis. Even though his fever was pretty mild, he was congested enough that he had to be suctioned out several times. But now he is fine and at home. It's a little disconcerting to realize that the hospital was the most exposure that Baby Z has had to other Filipinos besides myself, thanks to four of the nurses.

I am fully insured!

As for last weekend, we had an action-packed weekend planned, and of course everything takes longer than it should, so something had to go. This past weekend it was the purchase of the Christmas tree. We were planning to go to the tree lot at the community garden on the corner, but we were pretty much out all afternoon (late start) at French International School’s winter fair. I bought a ton of used kids’ books in French for Baby Z, and as an added bonus the AFP journalist who was there with his book on President Obama said I spoke French well. Merci!

After a disappointing meal at Chili’s (MoBob’s first time) and a quick trip to the grocery store, we went on to see the Northeast Performing Arts Group’s (NEPAG) 2013 Dynamic Gospel Explosion. As with any amateur performance it was a mixed bag but I loved seeing the modern dance set to religious music. Why don’t we worship this way? It was our first time to Woodrow Wilson High School, which is where Baby Z will presumably attend if we stay in SW DC. A very nice facility but a drag to get to by public transport.

We were disappointed in our search for a Christmas tree on Sunday. The corner lot was closed, and the Christmas market at Canal Park was not visible, so we just went to Yards Park for the first snow of the season and in Baby Z’s experience.
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On December 12th, 2013 10:17 pm (UTC), mangosorbet007 commented:
You have one truly adorable baby. Glad he's better. :-)
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On December 12th, 2013 11:08 pm (UTC), (Anonymous) commented:
I had bronchitis once as an adult and it kept coming back. Nasty stuff! I'm glad Zach is better now. With good medicine and good parents, he'll get through this time.
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