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free at last, free at last

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Like lots of other people who came of age in the 80s and 90s, Nelson Mandela, and by extension, apartheid, was the first political campaign I ever engaged in. In high school, we all had "Free Nelson Mandela" written on our notebooks and backpacks, and the song by The Specials in our Walkmans. In my thinking about Africa, South Africa has always been on the periphery, but I got to know the country better through visits in 2010-2011 and through my work on Mozambique. It really is a testament to his legacy that his death is marked by mourning and celebration, and not by violence.

The Thanksgiving holiday weekend was the longest we’ve ever had Baby Z to ourselves. Four days without a sister-in-law or babysitter or daycare. It went fine, except that we had to coordinate a lot more closely than usual about what we wanted to do individually. Like, for example, taking turns napping. He has been waking up 4-6 times a night, which means that MoBob and I are slowly turning into sleep-deprived maniacs, without the benefit of maternity/paternity leave.
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