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blue Monday

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My week in Ouaga ended up like a week in any other African city: hot, dusty, confined to a hotel. We did visit the Artisanal Village, where I gave up when the young lady from whom I wanted to buy 8 (!) fabric dolls wasn’t able to use a calculator properly. Dinner one night was at Espace Gondwana, which looked *exactly the same* as our last meal there in 2006. At least the airport had improved; there is now a fancy, scrolling electronic sign and bio scanners - but still no diplomat line.

I’m glad I didn’t bring Baby Z with me. He would’ve been a lot of work and additional stress. MoBob and I spoke on Skype almost every night, and when the wi-fi cooperated we did the video chat. Baby Z would reach out and touch my image. My sweet boy!

For the return I was on Brussels airlines for the first time. I was sadly disappointed that the airport shops lacked a real selection of chocolate, but six hours wasn’t enough to get in and out of town. On the connecting flight on United the pilot was a woman. As far as I know I’ve only been on one other flight where the pilot or co-pilot was a woman, and that was on Delta from Atlanta to Rio.

When I arrived at Dulles on Saturday afternoon I was a little worried that Baby Z wouldn't recognize me but he did - he bounced up and down in MB's arms and gurgled with delight - a sight worth every minute in the middle seat of the last row. I was scheduled to teach on Sunday and realized when I got home that I hadn't gotten the info for the conference talk I was supposed to base my lesson on. After contacting the Relief Society ladies, I received the reference, and planned to get up at 5am on Sunday to prepare my lesson. Alas, Baby Z did not cooperate, and spent most of the night wailing angrily. We ended up in the ER instead of at church. Poor Baby Z still has diarrhea, complicated by a mean diaper rash/yeast infection. Poor MB had to deal with all of this by himself.

I cancelled my trip to Addis. I was supposed to leave on Saturday but with the workload at the office and at home, it just wasn't possible. I have never turned down a trip before until I got pregnant. I suppose this is the new reality for me.

NNNNOOOOOOOOO! Not another change in the detailed implementation plan!
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