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moving on

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My Nook Simple died earlier this year (after already being replaced once) and in the throes of new motherhood I decided to wait to buy a new e-reader until I started traveling again. Then B&N offered $30 off the new Nooks, so after consulting with MoBob (CFO) I got a Nook HD. It takes a little getting used to - for example, web pages don't automatically re-set to the mobile version so the text is small - and it's different enough from my iPhone that I still had to tinker a bit. But I like it. I'm glad to see all my "books" back in circulation, as well as all the magazines that I hadn't downloaded since the previous Nook's demise. The screen quality and color are fantastic, and I love being able to check my email on something bigger than a deck of cards.

I'd given away my breastfeeding stuff a couple of months ago, and yesterday we dropped off the accessories for our co-sleeper. I've photographed and started listing items for sale on eBay and craigstlist. I made a couple of design decisions for Baby Z's nursery:

I asked a dear friend to make a crib skirt out of this material


and make this into a blanket/playmat


Notice a theme here? With our luck, Baby Z might end up a monoglot xenophobe who hates travel.
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On October 28th, 2013 03:03 am (UTC), curieuse commented:
I am in love with both fabrics and your travel-theme tastes!!
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