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Today is a holiday, and my dear husband agreed to take Baby Z to our friends' house, so that I could accomplish some stuff at home. So far? I've eaten about 20 Biscoff cookies, went back to bed after MB and Baby Z left, and took down two loads of laundry to the laundry room. At least the last item was productive.

Otherwise it was a pretty mellow weekend. I'm in training this week and next, and I felt for my colleagues from overseas who were looking forward to seeing the delights of DC and are instead forking over their per diem for admission to the International Spy Museum and the Newseum. I tried to cut back on my caffeine consumption and consequently spent most of my time asleep. We started Baby Z on solids, starting with some mashed sweet potato, and this morning with oatmeal cereal. He seems to have mixed feelings about the whole endeavor.

Early on Sunday evening (well before the ill-fated Redskins game) we visited Union Market. I hadn't been since the summer with my mommy group, and MB's never visited, so we bundled up Baby Z and took advantage of the free parking. The building was fairly but not unpleasantly crowded, with a lot of kids just playing around with...nothing, i.e. in and out of the tables inside and the two patches of dirt in the paved sidewalk outside. I also noticed that people were milling around quite a bit but were not buying anywhere except at the food and drink places. Including us, I'm afraid. I had salmon crostini and MB a lamb gyro. But we didn't purchase any olive oil or flowers or smoked bacon.

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