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Tickle · the · Pear

a year of anniversaries

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I do feel kind of nostalgic for my pregnancy, especially on that it’s been a year in August since we got the positive pee stick back. And the one year anniversaries will keep coming - from the first OB visit all the way to Baby Z's first birthday. I’m definitely in the “one and done” camp so this was my first and only time for so many things. I do believe it’s an evolutionary tactic that I really can’t recall any of the more unpleasant feelings and experiences. A lot of the past year is already pretty hazy. Most of all, I miss being so cute and everyone acting so nice to me. I feel so tender and protective toward all of the preggy ladies I know. I vaguely remember feeling as they have and experiencing what they're going through. I have definitely shifted from "project baby" to appreciating whatever stage we (Baby Z + hapless parents) are in now. Though it's still a little strange to identify myself as "Zacky's mom."

Due to the government shutdown, the daycare center also closed. Fortunately one of the advantages of a corporate chain is that the kids and teachers were placed in other centers that still remain open. I spent the afternoon of the first day of the new fiscal year with Baby Z. I guess he was excited to be at home with me because he didn’t take a nap apart from a short snooze in my arms. Since then he's been at the other center with the staff. I love our teachers and they seem very fond of Baby Z so we are lucky all around.

It’s been a year since my last international trip, when I slept through Hong Kong and Penang. If it weren't for the current impasse/crisis, I'd be planning for trips to Haiti and Burkina Faso right now.
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