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Baby Z has made a lot of progress recently. He’s nearing the 6 month mark (already!) and is sitting up, rolling over, grabbing and holding. Soon we will start him on solids. Of course it’s a cliché that time passes so quickly...I already miss the newborn Baby Z.

sitting up
sitting up 28 Sep 2013

in the daycare-mobile
daycare buggy Sep 2013

Baby Z spiked fever again which warranted yet another quick trip to the ER. This time it was more tedious than fun. He had the same diagnosis as last time (bronchiolitis) and he’s fine. Thank goodness we have the resources we do.

this ain't fun no more
ER 21 Sep 2013

I had a lovely time as usual at the annual Exponent II retreat. What a wonderful group of women - truly kindred spirits, as Anne of Green Gables would say. We shared the retreat center with a group of teenagers this time, who wore t-shirts proclaiming their Episcopoal pride.

exponent retreat 2013 episcopal tshirt

I was prepared to do battle with both the TSA and USAir about my breast pump but the magic words “essential medical equipment” got me through.

I was able to pump with a view every morning.
exponent retreat 2013 porch

And then a couple of days later I took the train to NYC for the day to attend an event at the Council for Foreign Relations, hands down the fanciest place I’ve ever brought my breast pump. The CFR folks said they had a lactation room available, but it turns out that they didn’t have a dedicated room, but were planning to designate one. Alas, the original room was booked for a meeting, so a woman from the UN Foundation and I took turns pumping in the powder room. On the train ride back I saw an enormous sculpture of two elderly women chatting. This was part of Grounds for Sculpture and only visible from passing trains.

Crossing Paths by Seward Johnson


I was invited to speak at a training at the National Defense University at Fort McNair, conveniently located a short walk from our home and a lovely campus next to the Washington Channel. I found it odd and disconcerting that the security guard at the main entrance only took a cursory look at my badge and there was no metal detector or any other security apparatus.

Last week I attended the Filipina Women’s Network roadshow in Washington DC. It was kind of like a family gathering with all my aunts and cousins except they were all lawyers and PhDs. I’d be interested in joining a Washington DC/Baltimore chapter but not in starting one.

This past weekend the weather was fantastic and we took advantage by going to the SW DC Arts Festival and strolling along the Georgetown waterfront. I heartily recommend Hershey’s Ice Cream. (unrelated to the candy) Yum!

Abe honored us with his presence.
Abe SW Arts Fest 9.2013

Last night I attended a reading of prose and poetry about Our Literary District. The two best known presenters were Elizabeth Alexander, who recited her works at the last Inauguration, and George Pelecanos, a local crime novelist who also worked on The Wire and Treme. The poems recounted a lot of violence but evoked some moments of beauty as well.


In D.C. there are black women
with golden Afros and African-
print jumpsuits. Sidewalks sizzle

in summer, a languid,
loving fizz, a Hey Girl
hissing from the streets,

ambient, hey girl on all sides. Walk
up and down Georgia Avenue
or Florida Avenue or Columbia Road:

How you doin'? Hey.
You never know what you will miss
when you leave, what will call you

back, what will disappear
forever, or what was never there
quite as you now see it, hear it, write it

in memory's poem.
* * *